Feeling stressed? Follow these toy recommendations for relief

For students aged 12-17, 3.3 million have ADHD. Being one of those kids, I have used many different stress relieving toys, and fidget toys. For kids with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), fidgets help kids concentrate, focus, and learn. Each toy that I review, I will give it a rating between 1-10 on the stress relieving scale. 

#1: Pop-It’s

What: Chuckle and Roar Pop It! 

Where: Target

Price: $4.99

Pros: The bubbles are easy to pop, nice size, washes easily, portable

Cons: Bubbles are loud to pop

Stress Relieving Scale: 8/10

I have a Pop-It very similar to this one, and I really like it. The only thing about Pop-Its that I don’t like is that the bubbles are very loud and annoying to some people. Because of this reason, I don’t bring pop-its to school. If you’re looking for something to take to school, keep scrolling. 

#2: Water Bead Stress Ball

What: Small Sensory Stress Ball with Water Beads (12 pack)

Where: Amazon

Price: $19.95

Stars on Amazon.com: 4.5/5

Pros: Lightweight, portable, long lasting, washable, child safe, 

Cons: ?

Stress Relieving Scale: 10/10

I have stress balls like this at home, and they are very stress relieving! I love the feel of the “water beads” inside of the ball. I haven’t had any bad experiences with these, so 10/10 recommended.

#3: Nee Doh Balls

What: Nee Doh Color Changing Stress Ball *pack of 1*

Where: Walmart

Price: $3.44

Stars on Walmart.com: 3.8/5

Pros: Fun to squish, comes in different colors, cheap 

Cons: Easy to break

Stress Relieving Scale: 6/10


I had two of these, and both broke and spread white sticky goo everywhere; one broke in my coat pocket. While they are fun to squish, they will break if you squeeze them too hard. 

#4: Squishies

What: ALPI Hammer Stress Reliever

Where: Amazon

Price: $9.78

Stars on Amazon.com: 4.5/5

Pros: Squishy, light weight, fake – but easy to hit things (or people?) 

Cons: ?

Stress Relieving Scale: 9/10


This toy is for hitting things to relieve stress. It has great reviews on Amazon and is a better alternative than actually hitting people with a hammer 🙂

#5: Sensory Toys

What: Rainbow Sensory Ball

Where: Walmart 

Price: $10.83

Stars on Walmart.com: 3/5

Pros: colorful, small, lightweight

Cons: ?

Stress Relieving Scale: 9.5/10


I have played with this toy before, and it is very satisfying to play with. The different noodles are definitely helpful when you are stressed or anxious; you can even play with it in your pocket. 


Most of these toys were amazing! My favorite was definitely the Water Bead Stress Ball, but the Rainbow Sensory Ball came in second.

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