Peet manufacturing students learning through experience

Holmes freshmen are currently exploring manufacturing skills in a course taught by industrial tech teacher Ryan Weiss. 

Freshman Tayden Steege said he enjoys the pot holder that the class is currently finishing before starting a welding unit. He said, “I enjoy manufacturing because you can see your progress go from a sheet of metal into a box or a long strip of metal into a pot holder.” 

Freshman Cole Hansen also said he enjoys the class “because it is self-paced; you can choose how fast you work and what you work on. For example, some of us are welding, some are finishing up the pot holder, and others are making dustpans. ” 

Hansen also said, “I enjoy the challenge as well of making sure all your marks and measurements are correct and doing everything exactly right or else your project could have to start over or you have to try to bend or shape it back to how it was before your measurements or order of doing things was wrong.”  

Weiss said the class emphasizes real world crafting “because that’s how you learn and improve is through experiences.”

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