Two different staff were married last summer


This past summer, school counselor Andrew Eisenman and special education teacher Jennifer Moser both got married. 

Moser and her husband Levi met years ago. “I was in college at UNI and he was working for John Deere in Cedar Falls,” Moser said. “Was it love at first sight? No, we didn’t talk to each other for a year after we first met. We went to a football game together, and then we stopped talking for about a year. Then he wished me a happy birthday the next year, and then we started talking again the next year.” Moser said she was “very nervous on my first date. I definitely had butterflies. I didn’t know what to talk about, so we just talked about music.”
But by the time of their wedding, she said her anxious feelings had transformed to “a sense of relief that all the planning was over and just the overall excitement of the big day. I would say I was definitely nervous still on both days but a different type of excitement on my wedding day than on my first date.”

For Eisenman and his wife Angela, their story is like the movies you see on TV. “Angie and I met almost seven years ago while working at Peet Junior High as part of my school counseling program,” he said. “We knew each other professionally and as friends but started dating last fall. We had a very strong connection based on our professional goals and educational beliefs.”

He said his feelings on his first date and wedding “were very similar on those two days. We like to say, ‘when you know, you know.’”

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