New employability strand pushing prompt student efforts


The new employability strand is pushing students to turn in their stuff on time to the best of their abilities. 

Instead of a full range of four levels of scores like all other strands, this employability strand uses only two choices:  a 1 or a 4, there is no between. Also this grading system will reflect up to 10 percent of the final grade. 

Sophomore Kenny Hernandez said, “I like and don’t like the new scoring stand. I like it because it gives you an easy 4 if you get work done on time and another thing I like about it is it’s 10 percent of your grade, so basically if I do bad on a test but I turn in my stuff on time, I will still get a good final grade, and the things I don’t like about it is that it’s difficult for me because I’m a person who likes to take my time on homework, and if that strand was a thing last year, I would’ve always gotten a 1 because I never turned in my stuff on time, and it’s also a bad thing because it affects the 10 percent of your grade.” 

Global Issues teachers Nathan Lockard has been using the employability skill. “When I tell students that it’s graded with the employability, it makes students push them self and put in effort in the homework, and it also shows me what they really know about what we are doin. How I grade it is that I look first if the student submitted it on time, and another thing I look for is that if students showed what they really know and if they put time and effort in it. I think I use it at least once every unit.”

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