Holmes offering wide variety of clubs

Holmes Junior High has started off this school year strong with many clubs for students to join. Listed below are just some of the options.


  1. Yoga
    1. The yoga club, led by teacher librarian Stephanie Itzen, meets on Tuesdays, usually on the pool deck. Regarding her reason to start this club, Itzen said, “I am a certified yoga teacher and I also teach at Balance Hot yoga, so I thought I’d bring yoga to Holmes too.” Itzen teaches beginners yoga in order to introduce students to yoga poses. According to Itzen, attendance this year has been “great!”
  2. Houseplant Club
    1. This club meets during Tiger Time, every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. During those meetings, Maria Hoekstra shows students how to care for plant patients that are admitted into the Holmes houseplant hospital. They also learn how to propagate from overgrown plants, and Hoekstra discusses with the students proper soil, lighting, drainage and humidity for different types of plants. Once plants are nursed back to health, students return the plants to the owners with diagnoses and care instructions. According to Hoekstra, there have been about 20 students in attendance. 
  3. Board Game Club
    1. This club, also run by Hoekstra, meets every Wednesday after school from 3-4:30 p.m. Students play unique board games with friends, while eating popcorn. They also build decks for and play Magic the Gathering. Hoekstra said this after school club has had about 15-20 students. 
  4. Disc Golf Club
    1. This club, run by Jeremy Prouty, runs for six weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring. This after school club teaches students how to play disc golf. According to Prouty, there were eight students attending. 
  5. Role Playing Game Club
    1. This unique club meets on Thursday afternoons. About 30 students gather together after school to play Dungeons and Dragons or similar role playing games.
  6. Math Club
    1. Math Club is held after school from 3-4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. They prepare for the MathCounts Competition by problem solving and learning other strategies/shortcuts from others. Blair Hudson, Karen and Joe Newcomb, and Abby Sliwinski run the program. Usually there are 10-15 students, which also includes a few kids from Hansen Elementary. According to Hudson, the club has qualified students every year for the state competition “due to the great work students do each week when we are together.” 
  7. Variety Show
    1. Perhaps the biggest “club” of the school year is the Variety Show. Ashley Cardamone, Jeremy Prouty and Zachary Rogers are the directors. This big production involves between 150-200 students who perform in musical, dramatic or other acts, and several students work backstage as Tech Crew where they operate the lights, sound, props or microphones. This year’s theme—Time Travel—was just revealed, meaning the hard work and dedication starts now.

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