High schoolers find new ways to enjoy Halloween

Halloween is known as a holiday that is mostly celebrated by children, but high schoolers have found new ways to enjoy the traditions.  

Sophomore Kenny Hernandez said, “This year for Halloween I’m going to dress up, but I’m not going to participate in trick or treating. I think trick or treating has a age limit and that age limit is when you go to ninth grade, you should stop trick or treating and just let the kids do it, but I’m going to dress up this year because my family is having like a Halloween party just for our family, and everyone is going to dress, so I decided to dress up too, but, yeah, I am not going around my neighborhood and trick or treating. It is fun and all, but I enjoy seeing little kids happy getting candy, and I don’t like to see older kids ruining it for the kids. For example, some houses say grab this many candy. The older kids don’t follow the rules, and I honestly think that ruins it for the kids.” 

Sophomore Carsten Meester said, “This year for Halloween I’m not going to dress up. I think I’m too old to participate in Halloween now, but I’m going trick or treating with my little sister, but I’m not going to get candy. I think people should stop trick-or treating when they get to 10th grade. When I was in ninth grade I dressed up and went trick-or-treating with my friends, but, yeah, that is my opinion on dressing up for Halloween.”

Both teens said as Halloween approaches, it is important to remember that it is not about scaring people, but rather it is about having fun and making the kids smile and keeping them safe on Halloween night.

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