Check out these haunted Iowa locations … if you dare

When thinking of Iowa, you most likely think of corn fields and Field of Dreams, but there’s a surprising amount of haunted locations within the state. You can see everything from glowing orbs to full apparitions. Here are the top five  haunted locations in Iowa:


  1. Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City
  • Within the cemetery is an eight-foot-tall, black statue of an angel. The statue overlooks the Feldevert family plot and was installed in 1912 by Teresa Feldevert after her son and husband died. When installed, the statue was gold, but after Teresa died, the statue started turning black. Some say this is because Teresa was a witch and cursed the statue to protect the family’s gravesite. Legend says that kissing or touching the statue results in immediate death.
  1. Stony Hollow Road, Burlington
  • Stony Hollow Road is said to be haunted by a ghost named Lucinda who died on the road where she was supposed to meet her secret fiance, but he never showed up. Stricken with grief, she jumped off the edge of a cliff on the road. Legend says that if you say Lucinda’s name three times, she’ll appear on top of the cliff. However, if she puts a rose at your feet, it’s said that you will die the next day.
  1. Farrar Schoolhouse, Farrar
  • Visitors to the Farrar Schoolhouse have claimed to hear voices, slamming doors, see shadow people, glowing orbs, and even an apparition of a little boy. The schoolhouse, built in 1921 and closed in 2001, lay abandoned for five years before a couple decided to buy it. The couple themselves have had experiences including an invisible figuring stabilizing one of them after losing their balance on the stairs.
  1. Banwell Bridge, Fort Dodge
  •  This bridge, built above railroad tracks, is said to be haunted by the apparition of a woman. This woman had brought her kids to watch the trains go under the bridge, but she pushed all three of her kids over the side before killing herself in the same way. Legend says that as you drive over the bridge, you should lock all doors and windows of your car or the woman will push you over the bridge as well.
  1. Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca
  • On June 9, 1912, Josiah and Sarah Moore, their children, Herman, Katherine, Boyd, and Paul, and two of the children’s friends, Lena and Ina Stillinger were murdered in bed with an axe. No one has ever been convicted for the crime. After being opened as a museum, visitors to the house have reported seeing mysterious green lights, vanishing bloodstains, being pushed or pulled, or hearing children’s voices. 

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