Two Peet freshmen reflect on year

With the school year coming to a close and yearbooks given to students this Wednesday, many freshmen have begun their goodbyes to teachers and younger friends as they prepare for the transition to high school and conclude their years in junior high. Although this year was the third at Peet Junior High for a majority of freshmen, some, such as Alex Gonzales, only got the chance to spend one year at Peet, making it their first, last and most memorable.

Despite having the chance to transfer to Peet in seventh grade, Gonzales said he is glad to have transferred when he did. “I’m good with my decision to not switch early because I’m glad I met the friends I did and had the experiences I did. The most memorable [part] of this year has been my being able to become friends with new people.” He also described Peet as unlike his previous school, St. Patrick Catholic, noting that there is a big difference between public and private schools. “For instance, at St. Pats they would grade every assignment while at Peet only test scores count toward our grade,” he said. ”But overall, I would describe this school year as extremely different and fun.”

Freshman Katelynn Eastman attended Peet all three years of junior high and also said her favorite part of the year has been meeting new and unexpected friends. “[The most memorable moments] have been having laughs with friends in general and going to the dance,” she said.

Like many, Eastman is looking forward to what the high school has to offer, but unlike Gonzales, who regrets not focusing more on his grad

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