Tiger Time enrichment offers cheese tasting

Every Thursday throughout the month of May, students of Peet Junior High can meet during Tiger Time in Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Vanessa Anderson’s classroom for a very unique enrichment: cheese tasting. 

Each week, students will be introduced to new types of cheeses and taught how to put together a presentable platter as well as making grilled cheese with a variety of different cheeses. When planning this enrichment, Anderson, whose favorite cheese is freshly grated parmesan, said she chose to host it simply because she thought it would be interesting. “I didn’t learn about different types of cheese [as a kid], so I thought it would be a great opportunity for kids to explore something new.” 

So far students have gotten the chance to sample fontina, goat, blue, asiago and brie cheeses, Freshman Jay Taylor, whose favorite cheese is sharp cheddar from the bag, said, “It was so much fun, honestly more so than I was expecting.”

Each week offers students a different experience, with Anderson easing into the enrichment by beginning with videos on cheese-making processes and how they differ depending on the type of cheese one intends to make. 

“The end goal is to teach kids about different kinds of cheese in a fun way,” she said. 

Taylor described the experience as a fun break in the school day. “To be honest, getting to talk to my friends and eat cheese is all I could ever want.”

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