Sixth graders visit high schools in April

The upcoming sixth graders visited the junior highs for their orientation on April 27-29. Orientation is like a bump up day, where the soon-to-be seventh graders go up to their junior high schools to see what their new school will be like. 

Going to a new school can be scary, but exciting at the same time. “I don’t know what to think about becoming a seventh grader. It makes me nervous because they have so many different rules, and it’s a lot bigger than my elementary school,” Southdale Elementary  sixth grader Lauren Weichman said. 

Students already at the junior highs were assigned to tour the sixth graders around their school. “The sixth graders all seemed really nervous. I remember all me and my classmates acting the same way when we came up to Peet for orientation. It also brought a wave of sadness over me, knowing that my class is moving on to the high school and the sixth graders take our place. Times are going by very fast,” Peet Junior High tour guide Kai Smith said. 

“Many memories are made each year with our new students. Every year is a new exciting adventure. This year’s orientation was very successful. I already know next year will be a great school year,” Peet counselor Megan Bowden said.S

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