Junior’s single will be released soon

Junior Carter Guse is making huge steps toward his start of stardome. On May 26 Guse’s first single “Alexis” will be aired on 93.5 The Mix with Bob Westerman. In the days following, “Alexis” will be on Spotify and iTunes, as well as YouTube. 

“I had written the song a year or so before I went into the studio,” Guse said. “Sometimes it can take longer or sometimes a song can be ready to go in a couple days. It just varies on the person.”

Guse would demo his song at his house and eventually his manager sent a recording of it to Catamount Recording Inc, located in Cedar Falls, and they agreed to record it. After the recording process, the single was finished.

Guse said he performed all nine of the instruments used in the single. “It was very cool. I played nine instruments and 11 tracks and two different parts on the guitar and two vocal tracks singing melody and harmony,” Guse said.

“I wrote ‘Alexis’ right before COVID 19 had shut the schools down. Then I picked the song back up around the beginning of this new year to get it ready to go into a studio,” Guse said. 

“Alexis” was the first of many tracks that were recorded at Catamount, all being written and performed by Guse. 

An interview with The Courier shows Guse’s whole process on recording the single. Make sure to check out a teaser video on his website for “Alexis,” as well as all of Guse’s upcoming performance events.

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