Two Americorp jobs for students will be opening in counseling office soon

At Cedar Falls High School, two seniors can volunteer with Americorps to do things like helping put information on Schoology and helping students with scholarships and more. They join another Americorp employee from outside the high school in their work.

Senior Anisia Smith volunteers for Americorps and said, “The main focus of this job is to work directly with students to assist them in completing tasks in order to prepare them for their post-secondary plans. A typical day for me is, during my release period, I work in the counseling office every day working on things like the bulletin board, creating Schoology posts, helping with scholarships and many more. This is a paid position, but this job is very selective and only for seniors (two positions). Interested candidates should be responsible, kind and also committed every day as well as maintain good grades. Openings will be posted on Schoology toward May.”

 Senior Joshua Mitchel is the other senior who volunteers for Americorps and said, “I work as an AmeriCorps volunteer for the Iowa College Aid Commission. There are three workers at the high school, and we mainly help counselors prepare students for their coming year, making sure seniors know their future plans, double-checking juniors know what classes they’re taking next year, etc. We mainly do work during the school day, but we do have to meet a quota of 300 hours, so we end up working during the weekend sometimes. Reach out if you need any more information.”

“I work with Joshua Mitchel and Anisia Smith in Americorps,” counselor Susan Langan said they work “throughout the year helping students, especially seniors, but they can help juniors and sophomores too. The Americorps volunteers program is awesome and is so helpful to the counselors, and it makes our job so much easier.” 

She said, “Other students will listen a little more to their peers like when they send an email out saying ,‘Hey, do you have your FAFSA done?’ They will respond to their peers a little more easily than the counselors. 

Langan said the Americorp workers “have to have so many hours outside of school because they get paid every two weeks. They have to have so many hours by the end of the school year because then they get a scholarship. We are going to be advertising in a few weeks for any juniors who are interested in applying.”

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