Orchard Hill fun fair coming on Friday

Orchard Hill Elementary will be hosting their annual fun fair on Friday, April 22. The fun fair takes place at Orchard Hill from 5:30 to 8 p.m., and everyone is welcome to join. Students have been selling raffle tickets throughout the month to raise money and have participants win prizes.

Cindy Loder has been involved in the fun fair for a very long time and has been a part of the Cedar Falls School district for over 30 years. She said, “I don’t know when it actually started here at Orchard Hill. A former co-worker was part of a fun fair at Orchard Hill in 1985, so they have been happening for at least 35 years.” 

And Loder herself said that “I was a Fun Fair parent committee member from 1990-2002, then volunteered as a staff member running the photo booth and creating backdrops until 2015.”

The fun fair offers many games and prizes, and the staff and students, along with parent volunteers running it keep everything organized. “The games, clown golf and bumper cars were very popular at all elementary events since 1970,” Loder said, and, “We will have lots of the traditional fun fair games as well as new games available. Some of the traditional games are Plinko, the sucker tree, duck pond and the hat walk and junk food walk. Some new games include The Lego firewalk, a football toss, things are getting dicey, chuck a duck and soda can tower.  We will have a bouncy house and face painting too.”

Students have been bringing home raffle tickets and selling them for a dollar each to family, friends and neighbors to raise money for the school and give out door prizes and some higher end prizes like a Nintendo Switch. 

Each grade competes to see which student can sell the most tickets, and the sales have skyrocketed this year. Loder said, “Our original goal was to sell 10,000 tickets.  Our students have hit that goal already as of today, Monday, April 18. Our new goal is 15,000 tickets.”

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend, and tickets are still available from Orchard Hill students to possibly win some prizes.

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