Gap year may be perfect path for senior grads

Taking a gap year after high school is typically frowned upon. After all, there is the ultimate possibility of discouragement among students attending college. However, studies have shown that taking a gap year may not be as detrimental to one’s future as it sounds. 

The majority of students at Cedar Falls plan on attending a four-year university after secondary school, with only 7 percent of students plan to take a gap year. Another 7 percent declared that a gap year may be a possible alternative. 

A post from the New York Times declared that “A number of researchers have shown a connection between a deliberate choice to take some time off and getting better grades upon return to the classroom.”

Taking a break, even just for a semester, may regain students’ motivation and overall confidence. This can lead to students earning better grades. Many successful individuals have taken a gap year in the span of their lifetime, and are significantly in favor of the idea.

It is statistically proven that students who take a year break from their studies are more likely to earn a higher-paying job than those who go to college directly out of high school. Students who have more real-life experience are also more likely to be more successful. Studies show that the more experience you have, there’s a greater chance of getting hired by larger corporations. 

The controversial topic against taking a gap year revolves around what students do during the duration of their time off. In a survey released to the student body, one student anonymously said, “If I were to take a gap year, I would work to make some more money for college the following year.”

If you’re planning on taking a gap year, professionals suggest doing some sort of academic work throughout the break to maintain encouragement. Although many are opposed to the idea, gap years aren’t as dangerous to your future as you may think they are. 

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