What is your favorite sports team?

 Junior Luke Sulentic

“Timberwolves: they are the closest to where I live.”


Senior Truman Posey

“Vikings because my grandparents are huge fans.”


Junior Riley Weidman

“I like the Steelers although they are not doing very well this year. I like getting together with my family, and we all cheer for them.”


Sophomore Javan Wegener

“Hawkeyes because they have good players in my opinion.”


Junior Michael Neuenkirk

“My mom and brother and pretty much everyone I hang out with likes the Chiefs.”


Junior Maya Mallavaraeu

“I like tennis, and my favorite player would have to be Roger Federer because he is a well rounded player and because of professionalism.”


Senior Kanye Willis 

“I like watching football, and my favorite team is Alabama because I think they have great players.”


Sophomore Ian O’Loughlin

“My favorite sport is soccer, and my favorite team is Liverpool.”


Junior Jazlynn Bernadry 

“I like the Raiders because they’re a great team.”


Sophomore Jillian Conder

“I like the Kentucky Wildcats because I am from there.”


Sophomore Kai Kuempel

“I like the Colts because when I was a kid my first flag football team was the Colts.”


Senior Alena Litzel

“I like the U.S. women’s soccer team because I get a feel of how they play soccer, and it helps me play better in my games.”


Sophomore Amelia Bryant 

“I like the Chicago Cubs because my parents are fans, and so I just grew up being one.”


Junior Sarah Kreck

“I used to play softball for like nine years, so it’s like the only thing I understand.”


Senior Emma Yarrow

“I enjoy watching volleyball when I catch it on TV, so I enjoy watching UNI volleyball a lot.”

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