Peet students preparing for successful conclusion to semester

The end of semester is approaching, grades will soon be set in stone for the semester and report cards will be sent out to parents and family members. Do students feel extra stress to bring their grades up before their end of semester grades for report cards?

Regarding if he feels any stress or pressure about bringing grades up, freshman Joshua Dowd from Peet said, “I do not as I have put a strong focus on my grades through the semester.” 

Ace Fauser from Peet is also not worried. Fauser said, “I’m actually doing pretty great on grades, and I’m not feeling any stress about it, but when I do, I simply know that I can ask a teacher, and I’ll have the possibility to rise my grade through retakes and stuff, so I more or less stress about getting things done on time.” 

When Griffin Searfoss considered if he feels pressure to keep his straight A’s, he said, “Hell, yeah. If I don’t have an A I feel a lot of stress, and I feel like I failed. When I get an A it helps me feel better about myself, so when I don’t have one it’s sad.”

Students definitely have mixed feelings about the end of the semester, but what are some tips for bringing grades up so there aren’t many mixed feelings and everyone feels confident in their scores this semester? 

Retake tests when you can. If you get a grade that you know you can bring up, retake the test if you can. While you’re waiting to retake, study. Study the resources your teacher has provided you with and ask for more if you’re still struggling. Also ask your teacher to request you for Tiger Time or go to their classroom for Power Hour so they can help you study and prepare. This is the easiest way to bring your grades up. 

But if you can’t retake, just study and prepare for the next topic and test as much as you can. Do your best on your future tests so you can bring your grades up. Study at home, during power hour, Tiger Time, study halls, etc. 

This year has flown by so far, hasn’t it? I hope you’re confident in your grades this semester and are ready for the second half of the school year!

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