Looking for the perfect gift this season? Look here!

If you’re having trouble finding what to ask for this holiday season, here is what has been trending recently that you can add to your Christmas list or get these gifts for someone you love!

  1. Shoes – If you’re a shoe fanatic, ask for some new kicks. Whether you want to rock Jordans or get some warm comfy shoes, this is a great time to ask. A couple pairs of shoes that are totally in this season are white combat boots, slippers that you can wear to school, Converse, Nike Blazers and custom shoes such as Jordan 1’s or Air Force 1’s. These might be pricey but totally worth it. You can always hit the classics with UGGS for the winter or Birkenstocks for the summer. Crocs has options for summer or winter.    
  2. Jackets – Iowa winters sure are cold and long! Bundle up in jackets from large brands such as North Face, Columbia, Carhartt or Arctic North. A cheaper alternative would be going to a local thrift store and thrifting for coats or jackets to wear this winter. There you’d have a more budget friendly and vintage item on your wishlist.
  3. Electronics – This might seem obvious, but electronics are always a good ask. Ask for a Nintendo Switch (or more games if you already have this), a good quality speaker such as the JBL Speaker or wireless earbuds (like AirPods
  4. New Bedding – Bedding is a daily used item which gets dirty quickly. Even with washing, bedding wears out and gets worn down. Bed sheets, pillowcasescomforters or blankets are always a good thing to ask for. 
  5. Trendy Sweats – If you love being comfy, adding some trendy sweatshirts can spice up your cute comfy fits. They can range from $25-50 or more depending on what you pick. You can find really cute ones on Etsy. On Etsy you can also find cute and trendy sweatpants. If you want matching sweatpants and a hoodie, look on Aritzia, which is more expensive but amazing quality. You can also shop on Etsy as well. 
  6. Skincare – Skincare has been brought to light recently and has become almost a trend on TikTok. If you do your research you can find very good products to enhance your skincare routine and glow. 
  7. Accessories – An easy way to spice up any outfit is with accessories. Etsy has some very cute accessories, and you can also get some from Amazon, or if you are looking for a more expensive look, Kendra Scott has beautiful necklaces. 
  8. Anything yoga – If you love working out or your New Year’s Revolution is to hit the gym, here are some options for you. If you love yoga or want to get more into it, you could ask for a yoga mat. If you’re just starting, Amazon has decent quality mats for a good price. If you already know you love yoga, invest in a great quality mat, which you can look for at Lululemon or alo Yoga. You can always use videos on line to follow along with, but if you want to try going in person, ask for a yoga membership. New Dawn Hot Yoga, Balance Hot Yoga or Yoga With Yuko who offers Zoom options. These are all around the Cedar Falls area. 
  9. Athletics – An athlete could always use more workout clothes. Whatever sport you do, ask for some items from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lululemon, Dick’s Sporting Goods or Scheels. If you rather workout at home, invest in some equipment for your at home gym setup, whether it’s weights, booty bands or a workout mat. If you rather workout in a gym, ask for a gym membership
  10. Gift cards – If you aren’t sure what to ask for or get someone still, go for a gift card. If they like coffee: Starbucks, Caribou, Scooters or Dunkin. Get a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store, or play it safe with a Target or VISA gift card!

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