Elf, Home Alone and Grinch among favorite Peet holiday picks

Christmas movies are an important staple of the winter season, allowing families and friends to spend time together and bond over a common interest. There are a variety of popular Christmas movies, but in order to find which was the favorite of junior high students, the Tiger Hi-Line surveyed students from each grade, asking what their favorite Christmas movie was and the reason why they loved it.

Of the 116 responses, 22 students said their favorite Christmas movie was Elf, a 2003 comedy about a man named Buddy who was raised in the North Pole by elves and decides to travel to New York to find his birth father. The movie has many iconic scenes and characters; for example, in New York, Buddy eats his spaghetti with syrup rather than with sauce, and for eighth grader Kenna Loney, this scene brings back memories. “[I love it because of] the memories that come with the movie. I’ve tried spaghetti and syrup because of it,” she said.

Another movie that was very popular, with thirteen responses, was Home Alone, a 1990 adventure-comedy about a boy whose family leaves him behind over Christmas vacation, and he has to fend off robbers using a variety of elaborate traps. “It’s quality humor and has a Christmas miracle at the end,” freshman Greta Huhn said. Freshman Alanna Reynolds feels the same way. “Watching it just gives me warm fuzzy feelings.”

The third most popular movie among Peet students was How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, a children’s fantasy movie released in 1966, 2000 and again in 2018 about the Grinch, a character who attempts to steal Christmas from a nearby town by robbing everyone of their food, presents and decorations. Opinions vary on each adaptation of the movie, but freshman Ace Fauser likes the 2000 version most. “It’s always personally been my favorite because it’s different from all the rest,” she said. “The others are always about cheer and Christmas and family, but Jim Carrey is able to make a story that we all heard and read as children funny and enjoyable.”

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