Students creating greeting cards for all occasions

Those looking for a touching gift during the holiday season can find one right in the school office. This season anyone can buy a handcrafted gift card for the upcoming holidays or many other special events while helping Cedar Falls High School. 

Skills teacher Brigdet Bakula has been helping her students make holiday cards in room 13 for 13 years.

“This project lets our students work on skills useful in the job market such as how to make a quality product, money skills and teamwork,” Bakula said. 

Those looking for the cards will find the display in the main office in the back near the activity director secretary’s desk. The cards cost 50 cents each.

Bakula said “We use the money we earn for classroom supplies, celebrations for birthdays and celebrations for going to IEP meetings.” 

Another way to obtain a card is by emailing Bakula at to order a custom card for 50 cents.

Each card is stamped with “Handcrafted by Cedar Falls High School Student” to remind everyone not only that they are giving and getting a unique one of a kind product, but also as a reminder of the uniqueness of the students behind the product.

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