Junior high students developing four-year plans for school, career goals

Junior high students are putting their goals into perspective not only for themselves but for their counselors as they begin work on developing their four-year plans. 

Kai Smith is a freshman at Peet who started his four-year plan in eighth grade. Counselors have started going around to classrooms, talking about their four-year (now three-year plan for freshmen) plan. 

Smith said his plan is “to pass high school with good grades and to take classes that will set me up for success in college.” 

Four-year plans prepare students for the future and get them thinking about their futures after high school, whether that be college or jumping into a career. Each year, when they review and edit their plans, students can update it based on what they think they want to do with their life.

“The goal of the four year plan is to help students create a plan for their high school academic career,” Peet counselor Rebecca Lins said. “By introducing them to credits required for graduation and how they earn those credits, it begins the academic planning process. The goal is also to keep students informed with academic decision-making so that they can continue to see the relevance and connection to postsecondary education and training.”

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