Student idea gives birth to new high school tutoring program

Working together within the volunteer club, sophomore Sai Pranav Kota and school counselor Andrew Eisenman have created a peer tutoring program at the high school in the past few weeks. The idea sprouted from Kota’s own experience with tutoring. Eisenman helped turn their scheme into reality, thanks to his surplus of school connections. 

So far, Kota has gathered around 20 student tutors for several different subjects. The subjects so far are all of the math classes, all of the science classes except AP physics and the majority of social studies classes including APHUG. Although finding AP tutors is slightly more difficult, students are able to request other subjects that are not listed. From there, Kota will help find a tutor specialized in that requested subject.  

Kota has the tutors submit their grades and classes to ensure the students are credible. “I also know them personally, so I know they are reliable. Eisenman will also check them off,” Kota said. 

As of right now, around five students have signed up for help. Students have the option of meeting one on one or with a small group. Kota said he will try to pair students in the same grade. “All of the students have chosen one on one, so far so I will just pair them up with one of the tutors that I think they would work with,” he said. 

Conversations regarding location and time are only between the tutor and the tutee. Tutors are responsible for keeping anonymity between other peers, but if a student doesn’t want it to be private, it doesn’t have to. “I’m not going to be inside of their communications. I’m just gonna set them up together and check in to see how they’re doing,” Kota said. 

Groups can meet anywhere that is fitting for both schedules. Each meeting revolves around what the tutee needs the most help with and the tutor will accommodate their needs. Certain teachers might also be asked to help the tutors set up a plan to ensure proficiency for the tutee. If willing, they can also help guide the tutor into teaching properly. 

“The tutor will be proactive and help provide study materials or help other students understand the homework, so for the AP exam specifically, it would be more personalized to how you study to score a 5,” Kota said. 

Kota said he would like to continue the program forever. Since the program is new, he said he is not expecting students to rapidly sign up immediately. “If this year is successful, the program will officially become a component to the school’s system,” he said. Kota is hoping for a total of 30 to 40 tutees by the end of the school year. 

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