Follow these steps to prepare your vehicle for safe winter driving

As winter approaches, new demands will pop up for you and your car, so now is the time to prepare. Here is a list:

First thing to prepare for the winter season is to air up your tires because colder temperatures will cause tire pressure to drop about one pound per square inch for every 10° F drop in air temperature. 

Second thing to do is to get yourself some spare tires for winter use or just tires specifically made for the winter because if your normal season tires you are more likely to slide or slip on the road, it could cause a major accident. Also, you are gonna need some tools just so that you can change these tires. Be sure your tools include some ratchets and some 11/16in and 13/16 sockets. 

Third, make sure to keep a couple of things in your car. You should bring a shovel so that if you are stuck, you can get yourself out. Also, bring a window scraper so that you can scrape your windshield because you are likely to get a lot of frost and pack some extra car batteries, but keep them inside at a place that has controlled heat because you’re going to have to charge that thing a lot. If you don’t, it is more likely to die quicker during the winter season. Also, bring a pair of jumper cables because if you work or something like that, your car will be sitting outside for a while and may die, and it’s really useful to have them in your car because you use them every season. 

Fourth thing you should do to prepare is make sure your heating works because people that buy used cars nowadays, some of those cars’ heating doesn’t work that well because some things are just blown or just been abused for too long. 

Fifth thing is get get an engine block heater because it will heat up the engine so coolants won’t freeze and your oil won’t get paste-like; everything will run better, and getting one also is better for the ecosystem because if you plug it into your car before you do anything, your car emissions and gasoline bill will go down because you won’t have to spend time warming your car up. 

Sixth thing to do is make sure that your hazards work so that if you are having a bad time on the road the other cars can avoid getting in an accident and help you not get into an accident. Seventh, one of the major things is to get your oil changes and antifreeze up to date, like performing regular maintenance checks on your car. 

Eighth thing to do is make sure that your exhaust pipe isn’t clogged so that no carbon monoxide can seep into your car and potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Ninth thing I’m just recommending this but put rock salt in your car because you never know where people are gonna need it to melt the snow, and it also helps a lot by adding weight to your car for more traction.      

So there you have it. If you address these nine items, you will be well on the road to a safe winter of driving.

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