The Core hosting Halloween Comic Fest on Oct. 23

The Core, a comic store in Cedar Falls, will be hosting a Halloween Comic Fest on Friday, Oct. 23. The fest will contain both a costume contest and a free comic give-way, similar to their Free Comic Book Day event. 

The event will also contain costume heroes and professional cosplayers, as well as artists coming to sell merchandise and chat with attendees of the comic fest. The artists include Danny Phillips, Steve Potter and Charlie Grove. 

Phillips creates mostly comic book art, as well as creating comics himself, such as his comic series, Starbomb. At the Halloween Comic Fest, he will be selling prints, original art and doing sketches for comic fans. Make sure to check out his website listed here.

Potter mainly does print artwork, as well as more comic-orientated or cartoon-orientated artwork such as his recent series called Garbage Pail Kids, an artistic twist on the Cabbage Patch Kids. At the Halloween Comic Fest, Potter will be selling prints and doing quick sketches of Garbage Pail Kids artwork. Also make sure to visit Steve Potter’s Facebook page listed here.

Grove creates more jewelry and alternative fashion on Etsy, but he has expanded to other events such as the Halloween Comic Fest at The Core. Some of the fashion Grove creates includes bracelets, harnesses and coin purses with different designs. At the Halloween Comic Fest, Grove will be selling Fairy Houses, patches, themed stuffies and other trinkets. Make sure to check out their Etsy page listed here.

Make sure to support The Core at the Halloween Comic Fest, as well as local artists attending the event, and the pop culture community as a whole. Also, show up in your best costumes and cosplay for the chance of winning The Core’s Halloween Comic Fest costume contest.

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