Students, staff get in homecoming spirit with dress up days

Students and staff celebrated Cedar Falls homecoming this week with five different dress up days leading up to the football game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. Dress up days are a huge part of CF homecoming week and are a way for students to show their style and fun clothes with the different daily themes. 



Monday was Space jammies day, and students and staff alike dressed up in comfy clothes and PJs. Owen Mcarten, a freshman at Peet, said that “Monday, Wednesday and Friday are good.” Mcarten was wearing a T-shirt with ramen noodle pajama pants. And freshman Natalie Blake wore Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer pants with Santa Claus slippers over her shoes. Even the teachers were dressing up for the day. Nathaniel Norby, a ninth grade English teacher at Peet, was wearing Homer Simpson slippers over his shoes. 


Tuesday was futuristic or retro and students did outfits ranging from anywhere in the 1960s to sometime in the future. Students wore their parents’ old jackets and teachers broke out old favorites from their closets. Hannah Kendall, a freshman at Peet, wore a letterman jacket and said, “I like the dress up days. Some of them are interesting,” and, of course, teachers and staff around the school had to break out some of their favorite outfits from years before. Jennifer Schultz, a 9 ninth grade earth science teacher at Peet, along with Bethany Meier, an eighth grade U.S. history teacher, wore retired Peet Junior High cheerleading uniforms.


Wednesday was “cowboys vs. aliens,” and this had staff and students breaking out their hats and denim or wearing alien shirts. The majority of the students and staff wore cowboy inspired outfits around the schools. Meier said that “there should be a dress up as your favorite teacher day,” and that “Tiger king was a good one last year.” She wore a cow print shirt and denim with boots on Wednesday, choosing the cowboy side of the dress up day. Students also dressed up. Gene Warby, a freshman at Peet, and Mcarten also wore flannel and hats to show off the popular cowboy outfits.


Thursday Cedar Falls celebrated homecoming using superstar Thursday. Students dressed up as celebrities or put on a jersey to support their favorite sports player. Blake was dressed as Paris Hilton and said that “There could have been better ideas, but I don’t mind.” She used black sunglasses and a pink jacket to dress up as the celebrity.



Friday students and staff wore the Cedar Falls colors and all of their school spirit gear to support their team for homecoming. Peet and Holmes had their seventh graders wear white, eighth graders wear red and ninth graders wear black. At the high school, sophomores wore white, juniors wore red and seniors wore black. At Peet, freshman Hailey Junge wore all black along with many of her classmates. Through CF students and staff all wore their best Cedar Falls gear possible and supported the school throughout the week and dress up days.

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