Still not too late to join Inktober art challenge

Inktober is a tradition that artists have grown to love through the years. Officially, the Inktober site started posting in 2016, before that artist would often make their own prompt lists and share their creations on social media. 

These lists are still around and are being made but if you want to take part in the trend, it’s best to use the official prompt list. The official prompt list is re-worked every year and posted on the website either on Sept. 30 or on Oct. 1. 

The list contains, for obvious reasons, 31 prompts, and each prompt is one word. The idea of the challenge is to take the word and draw your interpretation of it for each day, with each day being drawn in ink either with a regular pen, Sharpie or calligraphy ink pen. 

You can sketch lightly with pencil, but the main idea is to have the finished drawing fully in ink. For a lot of artists this is a bit of an issue, but that’s the whole idea of the challenge. It was created to challenge artists, new and old, and push them past their creative boundaries. 

Every year hundreds of artists join the challenge and post their works as a way to not only push themselves but also as a way to keep their minds fresh and ideas flowing. 

If you want to learn more about the challenge or even join it yourself, go to the following link for the official inktober prompt list:

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