Schoology survey finds Count Chocula monsterous master of CF breakfast bowls

With the 50th Anniversary box of Monster Mash hitting the shelves, the age-old argument of which monster cereal beats out the others rises from the crypt. Does Count Chocula conquer all, or maybe Frankenberry will cause a fiasco, or perhaps Booberry will bash them all? In the end, the only ones who can say are the people, so students and staff chose their favorite monster cereal in a Schoology survey, and the results might just shock you. 

Out of the student body, 120 students partook in the survey and an obvious bias was shown for one specific mascot’s spooky sweetness. 

Count Chocula

With 63 students voting for Count Chocula, the dominating results left the others in dust with the highest vote with 52.5 percent of students voting for it. 


BooBerry scared up 35 believers, leaving it the second highest vote with a little over half of Count Chocula’s votes and 29.2 percent of students voting for it.

Shambling in for a third place finish, FrankenBerry electrified 22 students who voted it in at 18.3 percent and last place. 

Overall winner Count Chocula, started in 1971 and is still going strong, with second place favorite BooBerry materializing in 1973, and finally the least favorite contender FrankenBerry, animating in 1971. 

These aren’t the only monster cereals of the General Mills franchise, but they are the only mascot cereals still being run. Frute Brute, a fruity cereal, portrayed a werewolf and started in 1974 and originally discontinued in 1982, but had a slight rerun in 2013 until it was again buried in 2014. 

Also, Fruity Yummy Mummy started in 1988 and originally but was entombed in 1992. Another fruity cereal, it portrayed a cartoon mummy, like Frute Brute. The cereal was revamped in 2013 but was swept off of shelves by 2014. 

Hopefully one day these cereals will come back from the dead to haunt our breakfasts, and we can revamp this vote, but for now in Cedar Falls High School, Count Chocula reigns supreme.

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