Peet ninth grade volleyball finishes undefeated

The Peet Junior High freshman girls’ volleyball team has been doing fantastic this year, ending the season without a single loss. On Monday, Oct. 11, the team had its last tournament, which included East High, West High, Columbus and Holmes. 

“We didn’t really know if we would win some games. At our game in Cedar Rapids when we went up against Lin Mar and Waverly, we weren’t sure if we were going to win,” libero Sydney Grant said. 

Although many times they felt as though they may not win, they persevered and won.The team had a total of 32 wins including wins against the Holmes Junior High ninth grade team, who seemed to be their biggest competition this season. 

¨Holmes was definitely our biggest competition. When we were playing against Holmes and we were down 3 to 11, we thought we might lose. We would be undefeated, and if we lost we would have lost our winning streak. It was a lot of pressure, and it was hard to do, but because we wanted to win badly, we worked as a team to fight back and win the game,” Natalie Unland said. 

Although there is plenty of competition, the girls still won every game they played. The girls did many things to help them win like team bonding.

“We had a very positive, supportive environment where people were OK with making mistakes in practice. I think that definitely made us a lot better as a team,” Grant said. 

The team not only improved through working together but also through the help of their coaches Kelsey Koch and Lauren Bork. 

“The coaches pushed us all in a good way. From having us do drills on things that we needed to work on to having us run when we thought we couldn’t. Our coach was great this season, and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach,” Unland said. 

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