Local artists visit The Core’s Halloween Comic Fest

Steve Potter and Charlie Grove, local artists in Iowa, sold items at The Core on Oct. 23 during The Core’s Halloween Comic Fest. Both artists present had a lot to say on the power of art, and how they got their fix on it.

This was Potter’s ninth trips to The Core for the Halloween Comic Fest. “Some of my first comics were actually in the Tiger Hi-Line. I lived in Cedar Falls all my life.” In fact, he said he owes much of his artistic origins to early days in Cedar Falls Schools.  “When I was young I dreamed of becoming a famous artist. At school, teachers were really helpful to my success, pushing me.”

Now, Potter has worked and created art officially for major projects, including the Walking Dead, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One of his most popular creations, known as Garbage Pail Kids, is based off of the pop culture phenomenon of Cabbage Patch Kids

Potter also teaches art classes in downtown Cedar Falls, on 200 State Street, Suite 200. He instructs aspiring artists from any skill level in how to advance their art skills and boost their creativity in summer courses. The price for the classes is $25 per week, and occurs from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays every week in June and July. To reserve a spot, email him at potters000@yahoo.com.

His daughter, Samantha Potter, is also beginning a career of art, and is just starting to sell her art. 

The second artist present at The Core’s Halloween Comic Fest was Charlie Grove. Grove works at The Core and said he was immensely happy to sell crafts at The Core on Saturday during the comic fest. His inspiration started early. “My mom encouraged creativity from me and showed me the things that could be.” 

He creates what he calls “crafts,” which are a mixture of homemade mediums, including sewing creations and others such as small clay sculptures and coin pouches shaped like cassette tapes. 

“When I’m manic, I create art. When I’m depressed, I create art. But, for this event, I made art more orientated toward this type of crowd.” Grove’s Etsy page is found here for more crafty content.

Both artists made the event at The Core that more special for participants, and excelled the energy at the comic fest. More art content from both artists is yet to come, so please help support them through the opportunities listed in this article.

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