Students lining up for innovative enrichment at Peet

Students who enjoy dancing, hanging out with friends and country music can have a fun time when they participate in line dancing run by teacher Bethany Meier at Peet Junior High during Tiger Time. During Tiger Time students can choose to take part in many different activities called enrichments, line dancing being one of them. 

“It’s fun. I get to hang out with my friends, and I find it really fun. I can engage with people outside,” freshman Kaitlyn Cox said. 

Line dancing is hosted outside of the school next to the bleachers so students can have room to dance and get fresh air. Many people sign up for line dancing so they can interact with their friends and have a good time outside. 

The students also seem to enjoy the music aspect. Cox said, “I find it very interactive. It’s very catchy, and this is usually the one thing I always look forward to.” 

Students don’t just dance to country music; they also dance to other genres of music like pop. Many students were confused when Meier said they were going to be dancing to a pop song because most thought line dancing was only for country music although line dancing can be done to any song of any genre. 

Not only Peet students have had the chance to participate in line dancing with Meier. Meier said, “I did it at Jesup for an enrichment, and the kids loved it.” 

Meier has had plenty of experience line dancing and has been line dancing since she was 18. She took line dancing lessons every Thursday night from the ages 18 to 21. Meier plans to keep sharing her line dancing with students as long as the weather permits.

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