Even from sidelines, cross country team runs together

The cross country team has its hands full with six injured runners, but even with the injured athletes, teammate support is at its best. 

“Even when you’re injured, building a relationship with your team and supporting them is important,” freshman Rae Wilson said.

Wilson became injured this season after discovering she has a stress fracture but still comes to practice supporting her teammates not only through encouraging words but also through different activities. 

For instance, many runners choose to run with their hair braided but a lot need assistance with the braiding so they call upon injured runners like Wilson to help. Other times their muscles may hurt, so runners can get help from people on the team like junior Anna Scannell who has been injured since track season and Wilson who both know a lot about muscle care, and they help out in other ways too. 

“Be there for them. Listen to them,” Wilson said. 

The team members all do simple things to show support and be good teammates, even if they aren’t injured. 

“It goes both ways. If you are injured, you’re fighting to get better and to push your teammates to that finish line,” freshman runner Apryl Halsor said, “and when you are running, you are pushing yourself to be better.” 

For the cross country team, running races isn’t the only objective. Building a team that sticks together on and off the course is also important.

Coach Amanda Johnson said, “We’ve had a lot of perseverance from people who have been injured and just showing their dedication to the team by still showing up for practices and working to help teammates in any capacity that they can.” 

Although some runners may be injured, their perseverance and encouragement has proven their dedication to their team, from freshmen to seniors. 

“Even though we can’t run, we still live vicariously through the runners,” Halsor said.

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