Invasive species: the asian carp

Asian Carp are an invasive species that causes serious damage to native fish populations in lakes of rivers. Asian Carp lower water quality that they infest, and they out-compete other fish.  The carp have no natural predators in North American Waters. Asian Carp are only susceptible to predation when they are very young and still small. 

What else is so bad about Asian carp? They jump out of water in large groups. This can damage fishing boats and equipment, sometimes hitting people in their boats and breaking bones. Asian Carp are sensitive to noise, so when they hear a boat motor disturbing the water, they leap out. 

In the 1970s, Asian Carp were brought into the United States  intentionally by humans to capitalize on the carp’s dietary liking. Bighead, Silver and Grass Carp were used to control nuisance algae blooms and farm ponds, sewage lagoons.

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