The best apps for outdoor adventures

For outdoor adventures, download free iPhone apps. Outdoor apps are designed to be more energy efficient and user-friendly to help us get more out of our hikes and bike trails. A lot of these apps are free, and some offer a seven day trial and then charge a fee.


  • Geocaching – Outdoor treasure hunting
  • AllTrails – Hike, bike and run
  • TrialLink – Great for hiking, biking, photos, maps and trail descriptions
  • Nature Melody -Over 32 nature sounds 
  • Audubon Bird Guide-best bird identification 
  • Yonder – Photos of over 200 species of habitat. It features 25 activities from hiking to skiing or rock climbing; other users comment on their adventures, and you can post yours 
  • INaturalist – Allows you to record your findings and exchange information with others in the naturalist community 
  • Leafsnap – Helps you identify trees when you are out hiking/biking. Just take a picture of the leaves
  • Seek – Use to identify animals and plants
  • Khan Academy and Nationals Geographic Education Resource Library – A great place to find answers to answers to questions on erosion, climate change, how rainbows are made, the relationship between tides of moon—all cost free. 

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