America needs stricter gun laws


America has a long and complicated history with gun laws and mass shootings. One of many noticeable examples of its effect happened on Dec. 14, 2012, when Sandy Hook Elementary suffered a mass shooting that took 20 lives, 20 of them being children under the age of seven. 

For me, like many other young Americans, that day is burned into my mind. I remember my parents picking me up from school (which usually did not happen), and seeing relief wash over their faces when they wrapped me up in a warm hug and told me what happened. It was the first time I encountered the idea that my safety was not guaranteed; that even the place I considered sanctuary was not safe from the madness lying outside its walls. I was ten years old. 

Eventually, I got used to seeing the news of mass shootings. It never became easier to accept; it just got less surprising. It’s a sad fact that America has become complacent with the deaths of its citizens in order to “protect” the rights of a few. 

The latest shootings in Colorado and Georgia are just new editions to the growing list of mass casualties that are a direct result of our lawmaker’s inability to pass effective gun laws. Something has to change. 

In Australia, there was one large shooting in 1996 that claimed the lives of 35 people. After this, they immediately changed their gun laws in response For over 20 years, they have had zero mass shootings. The United States has had over 104 mass shootings since the beginning of 2021. 

This is just unacceptable. High-schoolers should not be living in fear; wondering if they might be shot on their walk to a biology final. Movie goers shouldn’t have to double check exits to make sure they will live to see the next sunset; kindergarten students shouldn’t have to practice hiding underneath their teachers’ desks. 

America has grown complacent with trauma, we’ve accepted this fate that our lawmakers created. Something has to change. 


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