Trapshooting starts new season

Trap shooting, coached by Peet industrial tech teacher David Grund is readying for the new season beginning on March 2.

“There are a lot of new faces and returning shooters, and it looks like we will remain with 40-50 student athletes this season,” Grund said. “It’s going to take a lot from the returning shooters to help get things back into form. Missing last season really hurt the development and experience that is gained from competitive shooting.” 

The high school trap shooting team sets up in squads such as top squad. Grund said, “Squad selection is based off of the athletes’ shooting averages in practice and in competition. It’s very straight forward and no real gray area, which makes things very clear to why someone is shooting in where they are. The higher the average is out of 50 targets, the better position they will shoot in competitions.” 

Top squad is typically those who get just under 50 targets on average or that shoot all 50. 

Grund said he is ready for this season. “I’m excited. I think everyone is about being able to compete this season. We have some ground to make up, but, overall, I feel the season will be very successful for returning and new shooters alike.” 

Students still have a little bit of time before sign up closes on March 2, which is the first practice. Those interested can email Grund.

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