Student senate hosts dodgeball tournament Friday

Student Senate adviser Erin Gardner and the senate members are organizing the annual dodgeball tournament this Friday, March 26. Starting at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium, students can create groups of up to six people for teams. By filling out this form, students can sign up to participate in the tournament. Although anyone can sign up at the door the night of the tournament, the Student Senate would appreciate teams to be formed beforehand so brackets can be arranged. 

Starting eight years ago, with occasional off years, the dodgeball tournament has become a tradition within the high school. Depending on the number of students who arrive on Friday, Kahoots and glow in the dark hide and seek will be available to students and family. 

Unfortunately, this year the student body has not been able to attend any school dances, thank you COVID. With this in mind, Gardner and the rest of the Student Senate have found a way to incorporate a dance. “We have not had any luck hosting a dance, so we brainstormed events that would bring in students,” Gardner said. 

Masks are still required with social distancing enforced. Games within the tournament will go on until there is a winner. As of right now, 10 teams have signed up; however, there is no limit to how many teams can join. The winning team wins a grand prize at 10 p.m. when the tournament ends. 

Each person entering the tournament, along with anyone who decides to watch, must pay an entry fee of $5. All donations will go toward the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. 

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