Students advance in poetry competition

Four students find themselves moving onto the state championship for Poetry Out Loud, getting a chance to compete for nationals.

Abby Forsyth, Ashlyn Keve, Ella Hertz and Hannah Batterson all submitted videos of themselves reciting and performing poems for the local Poetry Out Loud competition. All four students are sophomores and managed to make it to the state competition.

Poetry Out Loud is an annual competition throughout the United States where high school students memorize then perform two-three poems in front of an audience with judges. Due to COVID-19, students have to record themselves reciting the poems instead of performing in front of an audience.

Sophomore Hannah Batterson, one of the winners that also went to state last year, said that “I am excited to compete at State again, but what is more exciting is being able to compete alongside my classmates this year, which I didn’t get to do last year because only one of us from our school was able to compete at State.” 

March 5 is the due date for the state competition videos, and until then the group will be meeting to prepare. For the state competition, students are expected to submit three videos of different poems, unlike the local competition which expected two. Students are able to submit their previous recordings again or record a new one in hopes of a better score.

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