How to send virtual gifts during the COVID holiday season

Even though it’s past the holiday season, gifts are still being passed around, but what if you and your friend are states away in quarantine? Instead of mailing a package halfway across the world or having to miss a birthday, send one of these five virtual gifts to friends and family.


  1. Personalized Wallpaper or Scrapbook

This is the idea I used for Christmas. It consists of taking pictures or things the person you are gifting loves and putting them in a phone wallpaper or digital scrapbook. This idea leaves room for you to get creative. All you need for it is the knowledge of what your friend likes, for example favorite color, and a photo editing app.






  2. Spotify Playlist

Music is a great way for people to connect with one another, and personalized playlists have been around for a long time. Making a list of some of your friend’s favorite songs and your recommendations will show them how much you care. Whether it’s Spotify, Apple Music or some other music streaming site, playlists are easy to make and apprenticed by almost everyone.




   3. Written Piece

If you can not be with someone for a celebration, writing something for them is a great substitution. You could write a short story, a poem or just a letter telling them your love for them. No matter your writing skills, your loved one will appreciate the time you took into writing a piece of art for them.






     4. Send Virtual Flowers

There are many websites that allow you to pick out a bouquet of flowers to virtually send to family and friends. Most websites do it through email, and all you have to do is pick out your flowers and write a kind message to whomever you are giving them to. There are also websites that send virtual candles and other kinds of gifts.






     5. Spend Time Together

Even if you can’t be next to one another, calling or Zooming the people you care about is crucial during hard times. At the end of the day, the gift of seeing each other’s faces and talking, whether in real life or virtually, is the best gift of them all.

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