Eight ways anxiety affects everyone

There are several different ways that any person can feel amidst any type of anxiety. The level of the feelings listed below regarding any form of anxiety depends on the person and how anxious they are. These feelings do not occur all at once in a common situation. Not all of these feelings are experienced by every person with anxiety. It depends on the person and/or their history with anxiety.


  1. Stomach Trouble. When someone’s nervous, it feels like their stomach is twisting in knots and it’s hard to get that feeling to go away. If someone else tries thinking about having that feeling constantly in their stomach, then they understand how bad it can be with major anxiety. People with anxiety have that feeling in their stomach quite frequently, even if they hide it.
  2. Burning or itchy skin. Sometimes burning or itchy skin is caused by dermatitis or eczema, but sometimes there’s not an underlying condition. Sometimes, it’s just anxiety coming in to make your problems more apparent. Sometimes it can be more than itching and burning skin. 
  3. Brain fog. Do you know how sometimes you have a hard time remembering things? It’s called brain fog. Even if it’s the smallest detail in that one assignment you really need to do. It could even be as small as forgetting to check your email once a day. Sometimes the little things matter, but not always.
  4. Dizziness. It happens to all of us. When you’re getting up from the couch too fast, or if you’re feeling nauseous. When your body gets stressed, it triggers the fight or flight response. When the fight or flight response is triggered, there are several ways that the body interprets it. The most common reactions are increasing blood flow, higher heart rate, hyperventilation, and overstimulation of the nervous system. If it goes on for too long, then the body’s sense of balance is offset, causing the dizziness to be in effect.
  5. Restlessness. The feeling you may sometimes get at night when you’re tossing and turning and can’t sleep. Or when you’re not able to sit still in school or at work. A lot of people experience these regularly, but they flare up whenever anxiety is in play. 
  6. Pain. Body pain, emotional pain, mental pain. Which type of pain is the worst? It’s arguable, and it depends on the person. While anxious, all types of pain increase immensely. One small headache can feel a lot worse than it really is.
  7. Exhaustion. When you can’t sleep at night and wake up tired enough, being anxious doesn’t help anyone at all. Sometimes emotional exhaustion can increase with anyone having anxiety attacks, or general feelings of anxiety.
  8. Feeling out of control. This is really common in people with anxiety, especially when it’s a high level of anxiety. Something might happen that’s highly unexpected and it makes the said person feel a lot more anxious than they were before.

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