Console Wars: How to pick the right gaming system

Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo: these three consoles have been in a war for years, but today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of their latest consoles the PS5, the Xbox series X and the Nintendo Switch.

First, we are going to talk about the PS5. Now the Playstation 5 has been the most anticipated console of this year as fans have been waiting for this console for seven years. The PS4 came out on Nov. 15, 2013, and now fans are finally going to get their console, so I’m going to look at the pros and cons to see if you should buy the PS5. 

First, the Pros. The controllers are different from the PS4 controllers with the design and the tech inside the controllers. These controllers have haptic feedback, which can give a player a more precise feedback through the controller. For example, driving over ice feels different in Dirt 5 than driving over gravel. Another thing about the controllers is the adaptive triggers which can resist your fingers and make it even more immersive. For example, if you are pulling a bow to fire an arrow, the triggers would need more pressure as the string tightens. Also, unlike the Xbox controllers, they don’t need batteries to recharge.

Overall, the controllers for the PS5 are new and amazing with a bunch of new features.

Next, let’s talk about the games for the PS5. The Playstation 5 has many new titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Astro´s Playroom and many more, and some of these games take notice of the Playstation´s 5 amazing features and specs and games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been highly anticipated from many fans and gamers, so look forward to the amazing games that Sony will release. 

The PS5 also has more exclusives. Exclusives are games that only come out for one console, and the Playstation 5 has a lot of them, and some of them are coming out this year, but a lot of the exclusives we will be expecting next year.


Now For the cons of the PS5. The PS5 is not all great and has its downsides like for one, the pS5 storage. The storage on the PS4 was not so great as people had to keep deleting games over and over again, and, yes, the PS5 has better storage with the PS5 having 825 GB, but it is not as good as Xbox Series X 1 TB, so yet again Sony has not given us good storage. 

Another con is that the PS5 is a little bit too big. Now this might not be a concern for some people, but other people might think of it as a problem. The Playstation 5 stands 15.4 inches tall and is 4.09 inches wide. The PS5 is the biggest home console ever made, and that might be a problem for some people. 

Another downside is that the Playstation 5 is not really backward compatible. The PS5 can only go back to PS4 games, so if you have some PS3 games lying around that you want to play on the PS5 with better graphics, that’s not gonna happen. 

Another thing also is that you can’t use the PS5 controller for the PS4, but you can use the PS4 controller for the PS5.

The PS5 has a lot of power, but the Xbox still has a little bit more power, like how both PS5 and Xbox has basically the same graphics but the Xbox is a little bit more powerful.

Same with speed and a lot of other things; again the PS5 may be powerful, but the Xbox is slightly more powerful. The last con I want to bring up is how the PS5 is not compatible with some TVs. Now the PS5 is 8K, so if you don’t have the right TV, you might not get the full experience of the graphics. Now this might not be a problem for some, but maybe kids would want to see the graphics in their light. 

All in all the PS5 is an amazing console. It has good games, good design and has decent power to back it up, and this should be a console you would want to buy.

Now let’s talk about the Xbox series X. This has also been a highly anticipated console, and fans have been hearing many leaks about it; its predecessor, the Xbox one, came out on Nov. 22, 2013, so fans have been waiting as long as the Playstation fans to get their new console, but unlike Sony, Microsoft has been coming out with many updates of the console, but we are going to be looking at the pros and cons for the Xbox series X. 

The first pro for the Xbox series X is that it has better backward compatibility than the PS5. The Series X can play games all the way back from the original Xbox and can use past controllers for the Series X, and you can use the Series X controller for the Xbox One. 

Another pro is the the Series X has a little bit more processing power than the PS5, like I said previously. The PS5 and the Series X are very similar in specs, but the Xbox passes the PS5 a little bit in power. Now that may not matter to some people, but for kids who want the full experience, it does. Now unlike the PS5, the Xbox Series X is compatible with most TVs. It is 8K, but no games have come out yet to support that.

Now even though the Xbox Series X is better with power, storage and many other things, it still has its flaws. One con about the Series X is its controllers. The controllers are basically still the same controllers from XboxOne, just with some minor changes, and another thing about the controllers is it still needs batteries. Xbox fans have been waiting for Microsoft to make Xbox controllers not to have batteries, but it still does. The Series X controller is just not there yet. 

Another con is that the Series X needs more exclusives. The Xbox doesn’t have many exclusives like the PS5 and has to wait for the games that can play on both systems although fans have been excited for the new Halo game, so maybe not having exclusives isn’t really a bad thing at all. 

The last con is that it has an average design. The reason why the PS5 is getting so much attention besides its specs and games is its new design, but the Xbox on the other hand is just a basic black rectangular prism and is not very attention grabbing. 

All in all, the Xbox Series X is the way to go if you’re really into gaming and want the best experience. It has amazing power and speed, and it’s basically like a supercomputer. 

Last but not least is the Nintendo Switch. Although Sony and Microsoft came out with brand new consoles. Nintendo decided to play it safe and not make one this time around, but that does not mean that the Nintendo Switch isn’t good. It is still one of the best consoles out there and can still compete with the likes of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

So, first, we are going to be looking at the pros. The first pro is the price point; unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series X price points, which are $500, the Nintendo Switch costs $300, which is lower, and the price is a good deal if you want to save. 

Another pro is the portability. I don’t think you want to be carrying around the PS5 nor the Series X, but with the Switch, you can, which is nice since you can take it wherever you go and play your favorite games. 

Another thing is the game selection. The Nintendo Switch has a lot of games you can choose from like Mario, Zelda and Smash Bros, and you can even play the games that you would play on Playstation and Xbox on the Switch. 

Now for the cons, like the other consoles, the Nintendo Switch is not an exception to its flaws and has some cons to the system; for instance, one con is its battery life. Yes, the Nintendo Switch has a battery life only if you use the portable mode, but don’t expect to play for hours because the battery life isnt really good. You only get between two to six hours of play time on the Switch, which if you are away from home is not really good. 

Another con is the tablet screen. When using portable mode, the lighting on the screen isnt really good, and sometimes you will have to adjust your screen to make playing games easier to see, which can be quite annoying. 

The last con is the controller lag. When using the Switch, you can take off the controllers and use them away from the console, but sometimes the controllers will not even respond. Now this isn’t for every Switch, and it probably won’t happen, but it is good to mention. 

All in all, I feel like the Nintendo Switch is a good console to get if you really don’t care about the specs and just want to have fun playing games with your friends and family.

All three of these consoles have pros and their cons, but really it’s up to you to decide which are you gonna buy. All I did was support you with the facts so you can make that decision, and really there is no right or wrong way to choose, so go out and buy the console of your choosing while they are in stock.

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