Battle of the books gearing up again

The time of year has once again arrived as the battle of the books is about to begin again. The turning of the pages, the excitement of the words, the magic it brings. Dive into a book and compete against other schools this year in the Grand Battle at Marshalltown at Central Rivers AEA.

How it works;

  1. Form a team of up to 6 students in grades 9-12 (you can have more than one team per school). Students may only be on one team.


  1. Find an adult coach (teacher, parent, librarian).


  1. Complete one registration PER team (ELECTRONICALLY by 11:59pm on February 4).  THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE THIS YEAR! A coach may register multiple teams!


  1. Read the books!


  1. Discuss the books, talk about them, have fun!


  1. Coaches complete an online survey to test the online testing system February 15-25.


  1. Take a multiple choice test and an author name test online with your team March 1 – March 29 at your home school. Should conditions warrant, this will substitute as our GRAND BATTLE.


  1. Top 16 teams travel to Marshalltown for the GRAND BATTLE on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. Due to COVID-19, plans may change.


Battle of the books in CFHS;

Abigal Hendrickson, our very own librarian, is the coach for the battle of the books. “It’s not the most popular activities, but it’s definitely one to remember” Hendrickson says. This year about 10 students have shown interest in the battle of the books and are ready to battle. One of the students, Ella Hertz, tells us that, “I have always enjoyed reading so this is the perfect thing for me. I can’t wait to talk about the books with everyone and then compete, it’ll be fun.”

Below is a link to all the books for this year’s Battle of the Books.

With any more questions or comments please contact,

Sue Inhelder has also made an announcement saying, “We’re not really sure what this school year will bring, but we’re pushing forward anyway! FREE this year and the Grand Battle is tentative. We’ll just have to see how things go. PLUS, you can register electronically this year, nothing to mail in! Be safe, Be well, Read on!”

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