Senior hand wall returns to hall this week

The vibrant wall will soon display the creations of the class of 2021 on the Senior Hand Wall in between the english hallways. The many paper handprints of the seniors arranged with the quotes will be stuck on the wall for everyone to see. The tradition that started five years ago still lives on, even with the COVID pandemic. 

Julie Cuvilier, the leader of the senior leadership group, said that more than half of the senior class is involved with the project. They brought the project back after it had been less popular in the past. 

In past years, the seniors slapped their painted hands right on the wall and the summer custodial staff would have to paint over the handprints. These days, handprints are on paper and stay posted on the wall for the entire school year. 

The handprint project took one day outside by the track. On Wednesday, Sept. 16, seniors completed their handprints during releases and Power Hour.

“It allows them to do an activity that’s senior-related. Secondly, it’s an activity that is a part of our high school tradition now,” Cuvilier said. 

Senior Emmy Wedgbury said she is looking forward to when the posters are hung. “This year’s seniors are just so creative, and I’m so excited to see the finished product.” 

Wedgbury said ever since she was a sophomore she was fascinated with the senior handprint wall and knew when she got older she wanted to be a part of the project, so this year, she not only made a handprint but helped the other seniors make theirs as well. 

Wedgbury’s quote on her print is in some ways an inside joke between her friends. “Yes, my dad is the principal, and my mom’s name is Leticia. It’s just been a joke over the past few years with my friends and I,” Wedgbury said 

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