Learn how to crochet with these three helpful sites

Annoo Crochet Designs

This is a lovely woman with some mad crochet skills that I have nothing but appreciation for. She mainly crochets garments and accessories bound to get you compliments. Annoo explains her instructions thoroughly and walks you through every step of the way. She also has a knitting channel for those knitters out there. Highly recommend her if you want to start out crocheting something other than a boring beginner scarf. 

YouTube: @Annoo Crochet Designs @Annoo Knits

Instagram: @annoocrochet

Blog: Annoo’s Crochet World


If you’re on the hunt for fashionable and modern clothes, T CD will be your holy grail. This young woman with a hidden identity crochets stylish tops, accessories, dresses and pants that will spice up your wardrobe in a pinch. Her garments are completely customizable for size and she explains things in depth for maximum understanding. Some of her videos also come with patterns for sale on Etsy. Go check her out if you’re looking for a fresh twist on crochet!=.

YouTube: @T CD

Instagram: @tcddiy

Twitter: @tcddiy

Etsy: @tcddiy


I wouldn’t be able to give crochet resources without mentioning Pinterest. This website has seriously saved my life by giving me endless inspiration for new projects. Simply search whatever you’re thinking of making and Pinterest will do the rest!

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