Sticker board allowing CF input on new school

Staff and students are able to share their feedback for the new high school on a set of criteria using sticker boards in the main lobby and office.

Students entering the school building through the auditorium entrance last week were greeted by a large canvas board, asking students what they would like to see in a new high school. This board asked various questions such as “How bold should the new school design be?”, and allowed students to offer their opinions by placing a red sticker on the response that they agreed with.

Principal Jason Wedgebury said it’s all part of the process of generating feedback during the planning process for the new school.

“We want all people to be invested in the design of the new building. This is a way for many people to at least participate in the process of offering feedback,” he said. “All staff have a say with a dot. All students have a say with a dot because we know our entire student body is not going to be in a design team.”

As Wedgebury stated, there is a second board located in the office, with yellow dots giving staff the opportunity to have their say too.

The board is not the first time that students have been sought for help in planning the new school, however. “Before we went into the summer, we had something called Insight Week. In Insight Week, we had our architects come in and meet with many different people. They met with community members, postsecondary leaders, and had roughly 50 students who participated in a design team,” Wedgebury said.

This planning is being lead by a design team that is working to bring in the feedback of all groups concerned. “We’re engaging in a year’s time of planning and preparation. From the time that the bond referendum was passed, the whole goal was to plan and make sure that the plan is what our community wants, what our staff wants, what our students want, feedback from postsecondary education,” Wedgebury said. “There’s a lot of people who want a say because there are a lot of people who voted to make this happen.”

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