Peet should recognize teachers birthdays too

Every day at the end of the daily announcements the school announce the students birthdays, but never in the years at Peet Junior High have they announced teachers and staff members’ birthdays.

English teacher Nathaniel Norby said, “I would guess that it’s because a lot of teachers value their privacy, and while it sounds like it would be nice, but when you have 200 people come up and say happy birthday and ask how old you are, it can be exhausting,” Norby said. 

But why couldn’t we just let some sensitive teachers opt out? “Once in a while we will get a student who says they don’t want their birthday announced, but it’s very rare,” Principal Bill Boevers said. He has brought up good points on how they would respect staff members privacy if they wish their birthday to not be announced. “Imagine you hear your teacher’s birthday on the announcements, you would most likely say happy birthday to them, and it could brighten their day,” Boevers said. 

In many ways with this would benefit the students and staff of the school because it could create bonds between students and staff by opening up conversation. If the bonds that are built between staff and students are stronger, it makes a better environment for students to learn and grow mentally and in character. 

Student Truman Posey agreed with this idea. “They deserve it just as much if not more than us students. I feel like it would give incentive for students to talk with them.” 

Having a teachers birthdays announced could help create a sort of bond with students, create a positive relationship and possibly see a better class life. 

“Student and teacher relationships can create good environments in the classroom and encourage students to work harder in that class,” Posey said. “I think it would bring a more positive atmosphere and create a more open and friendly atmosphere.”

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