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Butterflies are filling students’ stomachs as AP tests are coming right around the corner. Taking AP classes is not only stressful, but also a weight on students’ shoulders once the time of the tests arrive; however, the benefits of AP credits make the efforts worth it. The scores students get on their AP tests not only allows students to ease their transition into college by offering them the experience of college-level classes in high school but also saves them the money. Especially around this time of the year, replacing sleep with studying tends to be a popular practice among students; however, it is important to acknowledge the necessity of the right amount of sleep in order to achieve success.  According to a study done by Stanford Medicine school, “Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood teens will suffer myriad negative consequences, including an inability to concentrate, poor grades, drowsy-driving incidents, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and even suicide attempts.” Stealing valuable time away from sleep might appear to be the right thing to do at the moment; however, considering the long term effects of lack of sleep, one should always prioritize their mental and physical health above anything else. Procrastination plays a huge role when it comes to the causes of why students struggle to keep their eyes open throughout the day. Although it may seem considerably unrealistic to let go of the habit of procrastination, especially for teens, being on task takes a crucial place when it comes to achieving success in AP tests. For most year-long AP courses, recalling information from a while ago tends to be the main struggle for students. In this particular case, procrastination drives students into cramming heavy loads of information within a few days, leaving no time for the brain to digest it fully. Mindfully spreading the content throughout a couple weeks, however, will not only save the student time, sleep and effort, but will also allow the information to sink in, causing better results on the AP test.  Since AP test have come a long way within the education system, finding sources to aid studying is easier than ever. Tests from previous years can easily be found on the Internet and is a very effective/helpful technique, for it provides the students a better understanding of what they possibly might face on the day of their tests. Looking over class notes is also very beneficial, considering that the teacher follows the guidelines and key concepts provided by the AP Central. Check to see if your teacher holds review sessions outside of class time. Attending the review sessions will help you get a better grasp of the subject, alongside providing you the extra time to ask questions to your teacher, if needed.  Online review options are also commonly used among students, for it creates a better understanding with the use of either visuals or audio. Quizlet, Khan Academy and Kaplan Test Reviews are some of the most commonly used online review sources.

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