Freshmen prepare for end of year formal dance

Students prepare for the formal dance at Peet Junior High andcut out stars on April 10. 

The freshman formal at Peet Junior High will take place on May 4 and this year, and the theme is Old Hollywood Glamor. The students and teachers have been coming together to start planning for the event including the recent Ninth Grade Dance Decor enrichment that meets together on Wednesdays. This enrichment helps plan and create the decor from finding a classic red carpet to making posters and banners. 

Laura Miller, the teacher that watches over this enrichment, said, ”We have tried to be respectful of everyone’s ideas for the perfect ninth grade dance. Everyone has worked really hard to make it a fun, memorable evening for all the ninth graders. You have to use your imagination, but think about what it would be like to walk into a Hollywood awards night in the 1940s.” 

The students have been making leaps and bounds with time and technology on their side. “We have used technology to find all of our design ideas, and then we have hand drawn everything to work on our designs,” Miller said. 

The enrichment still does things by hand, but they have used programs like Canva to create their designs. They also have to enlarge some images, which most of the time has to be done by hand. 

While the budget is small, the committee has been reused past decorations and other things to create a memorable night. 

The limited time really is another hurdle that the decorations committee has to overcome. With the dance about a month away, there are still things that must be done. “Some students have come in during their study halls to work on and finish projects.” Miller said.

They estimated from having Tiger TIme and some study halls to work on the project that they will have put in about 20 to 25 hours of work. 

Now the decorations must look amazing, but they must be easy to put up and easy to take down for easy clean up and set up before and after the dance. They also must not be dangerous and must be school appropriate. 

This year’s freshman formal has a lot of things planned, and the decoration is promised to be beautiful and really throw freshmen back into the 1940s.

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