Eggcellent Decorating Hacks | Take a crack at these twists to classic tradition

Basic Easter Eggs

An overview- Start off with hardboiled eggs for all of these. For basic eggs, use about ½ cup of boiled water and a teaspoon of vinegar (varies), and your desired amount of food coloring. Drop eggs carefully into solution until they have reached your desired shade.

Pro- Easy to do, especially for little children.

Con- Can get boring. Read ahead for ways to spice it up.

Speckled Easter Eggs

Place uncooked rice and food coloring in a bowl, set egg into bowl, seal lid tightly and gently shake. Use multiple colors for a fun twist.

Pro- makes for a newer twist on a classic.

Con- Can be a little messy, use gloves for less mess.

Marble Easter Eggs

Swirl food coloring onto Saran Wrap and carefully wrap up the egg. Once you remove it, you will have a great design.

Pro- Creates a beautiful design in a short time.

Con- Not easy to do. More of a craft than a kids’ activity.

Cotton Ball Easter Eggs

Dip a cotton ball in food coloring diluted with water, and dab onto the egg. Use different colors to create a background effect, great for more designs on top.

Pro- Uses household options.

Con- Can be time consuming. Plan ahead.

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