Simple, straightforward face art easy option for Halloween

For those who are too busy, procrastinate a lot, are just plain lazy or are some sort of combination of all of those when it comes to your Halloween costume here are two quick and easy facepaint ideas that anyone can do.

An easy classic, 

the jack-o-lantern

First, you will need orange, green, brown and black face paint, and a small paint brush. If you don’t have face paint, no worries! Crayola acrylics is an easy and affordable alternative to expensive face paint. Want a quick clean up tip? Add a drop or two of Dawn detergent to your paint, and it will clean off easier.

Step one: paint an oval or pumpkin shape onto your face using your orange face paint. A great thing about pumpkins is they come in all shapes and sizes

Step two: add shading with a light brown by adding curved lines inside your pumpkin and outlining it, giving your pumpkin its ridges. You can make your light brown by mixing brown and orange paints.

Step three: paint your stem on the top of your pumpkin using brown.

Step four: add your face. Get creative with this. You can add eyes, a nose and a mouth; however you see fit.

Want a more creepy look?  Try a face full of creepy crawly spiders.

For this you will only need black face paint and a small paint brush, and remember Crayola acrylics is always a good option as well.

Step one: paint an oval for the body of the spider using your black paint.

Step two: add another smaller oval onto the body for your spider’s head.

Step three: paint four legs on each side making sure they are symmetrical legs in a “L” shape onto your spider.

Step four: repeat previous steps as many times as your want. Add some variants, you can make big and small spiders all over your face, hands and neck. Thank you to our artist, Meghan Chagdes!

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