Go Clubbin’: School clubs provide opportunities for all

Along with extra curriculars like the fall, winter and spring sports and drama productions with music endeavors, 16+ clubs in the high school can be utilized by students that are interested in a subject, but might not have all the time in their schedule to fully explore it. 

Clubs are also a great way to gather socially and meet others with similar interests. Our teachers were once in high school too. As students, it is our job to fully explore every interest before moving onto life after high school. 

DECA: Mr. Aalderks – Mark.Aalderks@cfschools.org

SAGA: Ms. Langan – Every Friday during power hour in room 106

E.A.T.: Mr. Lang – No specific time (listen to announcements) in room 138 

Volunteer Club: Mrs. Chiles – Wednesday 2nd shift power hour in counseling room Lauren.Chiles@cfschools.org

Speech: Ms. Bettag – catherine.bettag@cfschools.org

Student Senate: Mrs. Gardner – Wednesday mornings at 7:25

French Club: Ms. Engels – Brittan.Engels@cfschools.org

Art Club and Open Studio: Ms. Klenske – Tuesday, 1st shift of power hour Lisa.Klenske@cfschools.org

Cedar Falls Democrats for Society: Ms. Lake – Friday, 2nd shift of power hour 

MVP: Ms. Langan – Susan.Langan@cfschools.org

Robotics: Mr. Swartley – Kenton.Swartley@cfschools.org

Tiger Pals: Mrs. Droste – Megan.Droste@cfschools.org

Women’s Leadership: Mrs. Langan and Mrs. Gardner – Susan.Langan@cfschools.org, Erin.Gardner@cfschools.org

Senior Leadership: Mrs. Cuvelier and Mrs. Wilson – Julie.Cuvelier@cfschools.org and Katie.Wilson@cfschools.org

Junior Leadership: Mrs. Llerena, Mrs. Youngkent and Ms. Chiles –  Katie.Llerena@cfschools.org, Megan.Youngkent@cfschools.org and Lauren.Chiles@cfschools.org

Sophomore Leadership: Mrs. Gruhn and Ms. Loyd –  Christine.Gruhn@cfschools.org,


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