U.S. must take fault for bombings

No war in Syria.

No war anywhere.

No bombs, no ruination of cities, no destruction of families. There’s not a lot to say on this issue that hasn’t been said before and ignored. This country has an addiction. It can’t stop bombing people. You know it, I know it, billions of people across the globe know it. Hell, your dog probably knows it. The only people who don’t have it figured out yet are the fools in Congress.

In a way, it’s almost futile to try to talk about the United States bombing Syria. That’s because nobody cares. No one is surprised. It happened, and we took barely half a day to get over the fact that we’d just bombed someone. You know what happened, we all know what happened. There’s no point in rehashing it because nobody’s listening.

In this country, we don’t care about what we do to other people. We don’t care about the bombs, the lives lost or the death happening on the daily because of our military. In fact, we glorify and venerate our military. We celebrate the people who drop the bombs, we assure ourselves that there must be a reason. But there is no reason on earth worth killing people over.

You might protest this statement, you might claim to care about the people your country is killing, but if you don’t do anything to stop it, and if you continue to fund it with your tax money, your half-hearted words are utterly meaningless. Students will walk out of school in protest of a few shootings, but when their country is meticulously murdering millions, they are silent.

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